Sam O’Hana Grainger

Being a Fulbright Scholar has brought me an enormous sense of achievement, invaluable relationships with Americans, and an opening up of possibilities for future careers options...

Name: Sam O’Hana Grainger
Exchange Destination: USA
Award Name: Fulbright Postgraduate Award at The New School
Host Institution: The New School
Home Institution: University of Kent
Level Of Study: Postgraduate
Discipline: Creative Writing
Award Year: 2014-15

Sam O’Hana is a performance and research led practitioner in contemporary poetry with writing published in magazines, online and as part of activist art collectives. An organiser of conferences and publisher of artist’s books, the output of his practice is contingent on dissemination, articulation and provocation. His participation in writing culture has included leadership within student and amateur writing groups, international student exchanges and travel writing projects. A student at Manchester School of Art, the universities of Kent and Hong Kong and the Faber Academy, a graduate degree at the New School will bridge this experience with doctoral practice in his field and open up transatlantic communicative channels between writers across generational boundaries and with a focus on the poetry of landscape. His undergraduate thesis, Scenario, was a 4,500 word long poem thematised by a problematisation of the notion of portrayal, and current work includes collaboration with rappers and producers in Canterbury and Manchester.

In 2015/16, Sam O’Hana will be research assistant to David Lehman and co-organiser of the Poet’s Country Club, Brooklyn. He can be found at @samuelohana and

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